HetroTech is a digital solution for all your business problems. We are known for providing the best quality features to our Customers. We understand the fact faced by most of the websites due to lack of Effective SEO and Content Written on them But our Customers don’t have to panic for this, our team of experts will manage this for you.

adaptive design


HetroTech provides the websites with amazing features and great performance. We develop Web application based on PHP, Javascript, .NET along with real-time application based on nodeJS, ExpressJS, etc.We use the latest technology and frameworks, moreover, we don’t forget to consider the compatibility with old technology. We give top priority to Security and Performance and before the product is delivered it goes through series of tests such as load testing, performance testing, Behaviour testing, compression testing, penetration testing, etc. Finally, If product withstands under all these circumstances then we certified it OK. And make it ready to deliver to end User

repair & rebuild


As our Home needs to be repaired and rebuilt to maintain its functioning and beauty the websites also requires repairing and support from experts for its proper functioning. HetroTech provides the paid but cheapest facility to repair your old and malfunctioning website. Moreover, we rebuild your partially built websites and fixed their security and performance issues and improve its overall functionality to provide you again a fresh, active and improved product.

workshop and events


In addition, HetroTech organizes technical and non-technical workshops and events nationally. We conduct Free(or unpaid) workshops periodically all over the nation. You can also request us for Workshops in your locality related to technical and non-technical projects.

SEO optimization


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) plays the vital role in website listing on Search Engines Result Pages(SERPs). It generates organic traffic on your website based on How effective your website content is and How the user's experience on your website. According to a survey, about 64% of organic traffic was generated from Organic search. Ergo, we have developed our own strategy for SEO Optimization that is proving effective in SEO optimization.

Content Optimization

We don’t copy the content but we write the one based on various key searches and dictionary record. We always write a fresh and powerful content for your website articles to list them in TOP SERPs. And for that work, we have a team of professionals that write Clean, Effective, Easy content for your websites.

android and iOS application


In today’s era, the Android & iPhone has spread unimaginably all over the Globe. Today 6 out of 10 people using Android or iPhone and the Android or iPhone application has become a new market to promote or sell your product and services and Every professional business should have its own smart application to interact with its target audience. HetroTech also provides the solution for it, we build(or develop) the Android and iOS application with rich performance and functionality with great User Interaction to attract monstrous target audience to your business. We develop the application based on latest technology along with ease of modularity and flexibility.

internship & training


In spite of this, HetroTech adequate (un)paid training and internships program provide best job oriented online and offline training & internship in various technical courses to its Students in the supervision of our IT expert team. Students also work on live projects with our expert team that guides them from beginning to end and resolves all their queries with best of their knowledge and experience. In training and intership phase the Student learns advanced tools and their use that are most relevant to ongoing technology. Our syallabus is flexible with time and techology to prepare our Students to face technology challanges.
After completion of training, we conduct a practical exam to emphasize the student ability and skills, and give them “Certificate of Excellency”. Moreover, we provide the certificates to our candidates for their training and internship.


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Android Application Development

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iOS Application Development

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