HetroTech Downloading Subscription Group by HetroTech Pvt. Limited

HetroTech Downloading Subscription Group is an active membership group of HetroTech which give you access to numerous paid and free services. The membership of HetroTech Downloading Subscription Group ensures that HetroTech will provide its variety of services and products at the cheaper cost than non-membered customers and consumers.

The members of HetroTech Downloading Subscription Group get access to:-

Pricing & Plan:

Our plan varies from services and support however you will get best services from us in any plan.

Free:- Access to Diamond plan. This is for the members that will apply for the subscription before 11- June-2017.

Silver Plan:-

Gold Plan:-

Diamond Plan:-

HetroTech has right to change and terminate all above services, support, products, and plans without any prior notice. The services, support, product, and the plan would be applicable iff you purchase them from our Official website HetroTech(www.hetrotech.in). Please contact us for further details and queries. Only the members of Downloading Subscription Group will get these offers who have been registered and purchased any of the three plans mentioned above. This offer is limited please do hurry. An Individual, group or member of this group abide by all these terms and conditions on subscribing the HetroTech Downloading Subscription Group.